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Crop Circles-
Music in the Fields

Part 1

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Recently some friends attended the UFO Congress in Laughlin, NV and returned with the newest news from the UFO counter-culture.  I attended this conference in 2001 right after the 9/11 attack. Aside from the DEFCON 1 level of tension the 2001 conference gave me an overall view of the UFO phenomenon and the views of the Believers. To me the UFO phenomenon has huge entertainment value but as for

the reality of UFOs I’m uncertain about what they are exactly. While there are thousands of UFO observations, there’s very little physical proof and a lot of rationalizations as to why that is so. While investigating the UFO 'worlds' I ran across some interesting phenomena that cause a pause for thought.

Crop Circles have become a hot mystery since their emergence over 15 years ago. While researching fractals, I became acquainted with them when I ran across this picture on the internet of a crop formation that appeared in a field in England August 11, 1991.














This is the now famous Mandelbrot set. Today most of us recognize this immediately as a fractal pattern, but back in 1991 knowledge of these curious mathematical models and use were lesser known.

Early in 1991 I was introduced to the Mandelbrot set through Benoit Mandelbrot’s book on fractal geometry, and had a psychedelic Mandelbrot screen saver on my computer.

Already I stumbled into the Mandelbrot fractal universe; and as an artist was completely inspired by these intricate designs that folded in on themselves.













Finding the Mandelbrot set in an UK wheat field was completely unexpected! My first thought was what "artist" had such an inspired vision to place the fractal in a wheat field, but then the real question was (and is) who or what could lay out such a pattern in ONE NIGHT? Or IF they are the creations of some unknown intelligent species on Earth then where does this new species live? And finally what do the glyphs in the field mean?


Over the years as Crop Circle Seasons come and go, scientists, mathematicians and amateur researchers have studied the formations, and little has come to light to answer the above questions. In this small essay I’m NOT going to investigate those questions but look at some odd little lateral synchronicities that have surfaced in recent years of Crop Circle studies and Art.

The Voice of the Air

While Crop Circle researchers figure out how “thin air” is producing such complex forms in agricultural fields throughout Europe, others are focusing on the message in the fields.

IF this crop circle phenomenon is a paranormal event then could the same intelligences have attempted contact with humans in the past inspiring them towards various creative works?















"Voice of Air"

By  René Magritte 1928


Belgium artist René Magritte painted “The Voice of Air” in 1928. This piece is fascinating because it shares a striking similarity with the globes/orbs which have been sighted creating Crop Circles. This motif appears in several Magritte paintings. When looking at this painting note the spheres' sleek ultra -modern white, metallic hull-like styling hovering over the countryside. Magritte’s “Voice of the Air” painting suggests an aerial mechanical form that speaks in the wind. So what in 1928 could possibly have inspired Magritte to paint such a futuristic glimpse of ‘technology’ hovering over the Belgium country side? And also to assign a name that suggests the Element of Air has a voice?

In Magritte’s time seeing crop circles from the air would have been an extremely rare event given his time lacked an abundance of airplanes, no helicopters, cameras on long poles, camcorders, networking with phones and television coverage. Basically there wasn’t any media audience. In 1928 the audience could only be accessed through an artist’s obsession for his art.


We may never know the real source of Magritte’s inspiration. To date I have not found any artist statements associated with the "Voice of the Air" idea, but let’s look at the similarities of these spheres, the idea of the Voice of Air and Crop Circles just for entertainment's sake.


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